November 26, 2008

Remembering "Badger" Bob Johnson

Today marks the 17th anniversary of the passing of "Badger" Bob Johnson. On November 26th, 1991, Johnson succumbed to brain cancer and left the hockey world much too soon. His positive attitude, even in tough times, was one of Johnson's many attributes that helped lead the Pittsburgh Penguins to the 1990-91 Stanley Cup title, his only season with the team.

Here's the tribute at Mellon Arena in honor of "Badger" Bob.

If "Badger" Bob was around today, he'd be an encouraging voice behind any bench and a player's dream coach. No matter how his team was doing at the time, he'd still walk into any arena and utter his famous phrase:

"It's a great day for hockey"

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Scotty Hockey said...

A great tribute to a great man.

Thanks Sean for pointing it out ...

violator said...

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Whale4ever said...

Well done, Sean. They don't make guys like him any longer.