December 20, 2008

10 Days of Penguins Christmas: Malkin's Badass Goal Against the Flyers

The year in hockey 2008 was a memorable one for the Pittsburgh Penguins and their fans. As we wind down the year, we'll be taking a look at 10 of the best moments of the past year in Penguins hockey.

You would have thought after the hit Philadelphia Flyers captain Mike Richards laid on an unsuspecting Evgeni Malkin would have shook up the young Russian enough to make him take a bee-line to the bench. That may have been the case, but while Malkin was making his was back out of the Flyers zone, Sergei Gonchar picked up the puck and fired a two zone pass to No. 71 who unleashed his fury on Martin Biron with a 15 foot slap shot that ended up in the back of the net as a shorthanded goal.

It was the insurance goal that helped lead the Penguins to a 4-2 victory in Game One of the Eastern Conference Finals. It also quickly became my favorite Malkin goal of all time.

The mix of Malkin recovering from a bone-shattering hit with the beautiful cross-ice pass by Gonchar along with the sheer ferociousness of No. 71's slapper topped off with his arms wide open celebration. Oh, and it came against the Flyers, that helps too.

It's a goal that makes me giddy every time I see it.

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