December 17, 2008

All-Star Skills Competition Changes

There will be changes coming to this year's All Star Weekend at the Bell Centre in Montreal. As reported by TSN's Darren Dreger, the YoungStars game will take a page out of the NBA's book by changing formats from East v. West to Rookies v. Sophomores. The game will be 3 v 3 with the teams playing three, six-minute periods.

The skills competition itself will have a different look. Only players who want to participate in the individual challenges will do so and no longer will each conference need someone involved. A single knockout shootout and the "trick shot" shootout will likely be the highlights of the competition along with the always popular hardest shot. Alex Ovechkin is said to be on board again for the trick shot shootout and the NHL is looking for five other players to be involved. Goaltenders for the trick shot competition have not been decided on, but Canadian University goalies are being considered.

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1 comment:

Whale4ever said...

Thank goodness. From the voting and on to the "trick shot" thing, the entire weekend, save for the hardest shot and the rookie gamen are a joke and an embarrassment. Don't mean to pile on but...wait. Yes I do.

Good thing it's on Versus otherwise it might grab some attention.