December 12, 2008

Avery's Mental Health Now in Question? Seriously?

From Sportsnet:

"Brett Hull leaned up against the wall at the Dallas' Stars practice facility and admitted to going after Sean Avery last summer, "Because I didn't feel we had guys who would stand up and be counted. He would be one of those guys."

"Now he says he can't even speak to Avery and has absolutely no idea what state of mental health the suspended Stars winger is in."

We're wondering now the mental state of mind that Sean Avery is in? This isn't a case of Avery being crazy, it's a case of him mouthing off to draw attention to himself.

Who knew uttering the words "sloppy seconds" would draw this much attention?

It's s shame that throughout this and the Barry Melrose ordeal, stories like the surging Boston Bruins and San Jose Sharks, Curtis Sanford keeping the Vancouver Canucks afloat in Roberto Luongo's absence, and the production of rookies Derick Brassard, Patrick Berglund, and Blake Wheeler among others has been overshadowed.

I guess you can say Avery got what he want: all the attention.

In other Avery news, ESPN's Scott Burnside floated a sources rumor that the New York Rangers were interested in bringing him back in exchange for defenseman Michal Roszival. Avery would then be sent to their American Hockey League affiliate in Hartford to open cap space to sign Mats Sundin. I would guess Avery would have to clear waivers first, no?

As much as a headache as he is, I still think there's a team out there desperate enough to take a chance on Avery, thinking they can be the team to settle him down, much like Brett Hull thought when he convinced Dallas to sign him.

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wrap around curl said...

Ok, Avery didn't crazily drop in on TRL unannounced and hand out ice cream and talk about rainbows and take his shirt off. He popped his mouth off. That ain't crazy...

The Puck Stops Here said...

I have never met Sean Avery but counter-evidence to the idea he has serious mental issues is that Avery appears to be able to date (at least for a while) some famous good looking women who should have many options. I find it hard to imagine that they would bother with somebody with several psychological issues. So I see it as evidence against that theory.