December 29, 2008

Going Five Hole's Year in Review

What a year 2008 was. I started Going Five Hole in October 2007, so this was my first full year of hockey blogging and it was quite a blast. In the past year I've expanded my list of daily websites to visit times ten, at least; met dozens and dozens of other fans through Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter and enjoyed every minute of it.


I started a gig contributing at Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy along with Greg Wyshynski.

I made friends in Minnesota who apparently don't like Ice Girls (or humor) and also believe I'm a Devils fan, which is news to me.

I traveled to my version of Mecca for the first time and attended Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals...and took pictures!

Here's a month-by-month recap of the year in GFH:

-Examined the Sports Illustrated for Kids cover jinx, whose first victim was Sidney Crosby.
-Broke open the NHL rule book.

-Said "Death to the Charity Point!"
-Took a look at the pugilistic history of Mario Lemieux.

-The "Mike Lange Tournament of Quotes" was unleashed.
-Pittsburgh clinches a playoff berth in New Jersey, with me in attendance and the pact to attend the Stanley Cup is made.
-Patrick Roy and his son Jonathan kept things classy.
-Hockey damaging the reputation of Yankee Stadium? Nonsense.

-New York writers were preparing their excuses for the series against Pittsburgh.
-Ron Hextall's naked interview is remembered.
-Gary Bettman embarrassed himself, again.
-It was proven Darren Pang is half-monkey.

-A FOXSports playoff preview turned into an anti-Pens rant...and I broke it all down.
-I declared for the NHL Draft.

-I unveiled my wishlist for NHL Network US.
-If Evgeni Malkin was traded to Los Angeles, I was going to eat my socks.
-Over 20 bloggers were polled for our own NHL Award ballot.
-The Pens lost in Game 6 and I was sad.

-Patrick Kane's rookie card came much earlier than 2007-08.
-The Cooke-y Monsters was formed.

-Mexican hockey player imitates Mike Legg.
-Five ways I'd change the NHL that definitely won't happen.
-Jim Caple is an per usual.
-Mario Lemieux Week > Wayne Gretzky Week

-Newspaper sports editors will be irrelevant soon, too.
-I campaigned to replace Mike Brophy at The Hockey News. In the end, Jason Kay chose Eric Duhatschek.
-I blogged for a cause.

-You have to pay for autographs sometimes. I know, shocking.
-The Sports Business Journal showed us some love.

-The best captain in the NHL was determined.
-A handy drinking game next time you watch NHL Live.
-I still don't hate Marian Hossa.
-I also don't think Jordan Staal should be traded.
-Mainstream media is still scared of blogs.

-Ten days of Penguins Christmas.
-Barry Melrose headed back to ESPN.

Here's the top viewed posts per month in 2008:

January: Your NHL Skills Competition Trick Shot Judges

February: My Top Ten Don Cherry Suits

March: Which Celebrity Fan Would Take a Shift in the NHL?

April: Wacky European Goalie Goal

May: Don Cherry Would Like You to Be Blind

June: Sidney Crosby Playoff Beard Watch: Day 55

July: Matthew Barnaby: ESPN's Replacement for Barry Melrose?

August: Helmetless Canadiens Legends Team in NHL 09

September: Video: The Barry Melrose ESPN Goodbye Party

October: Def Leppard Singer's Upside-Down Stanley Cup

November: Patrick Roy's son, Frederick, Also Keeping Things Classy in the QMJHL

December: VIDEO: Winter Classic Zamboni Takes a Dive

Thank you for reading Going Five Hole in 2008 and I look forward to what hockey brings us in 2009.

Happy New Year!

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tanya said...

That Daren Pang/half-monkey comparison is seriously offensive to that cute little creature pictured below him...

Loser Chris said...

This was your 666th post of the year... dun dun dun!!!!!