December 1, 2008

Monday Afternoon Required Reading

One of my favorite announcers growing up, Jiggs McDonald, is stuck in Thailand among the unrest there. (On Frozen Pond)

Pretty soon, junior hockey teams will start owning our souls. (Wrap Around Curl)

In case you didn't know, Shea Weber is having a pretty good season. (LCS Hockey)

Ranking this year's crop of third jersey's. The Sens, Bolts, and Kings' jersey's over those sweet Blues ones? Poppycock! (Icethetics)

An interview with NHL Senior Director of Hockey Operations. (Brooklyn Hockey Guy)

I was all for imagination when I was a kid, but this is just sad, at least if you can understand what he's saying. (ThePensBlog)

Ryan Whitney will return within the next two months. Let the speculation on the Penguins defense begin! (PensBurgh)

Spector takes a look at the Eastern Conference. (Lyle Richardson)

David Frost has a website with an interesting name and plenty of misspellings. (Hockey God Online)

Everyone loves some own goals, except when they're against you. (The Tiger Track)

Is the playoff race in the Eastern Conference already over? (Mike Brophy)

I'm indifferent on the shootout, but I wouldn't be against extending overtime. (The Hockey News)

The nine most important goals in New York Islander history. Sadly for the franchise, only one has occurred since the '90's came around. (Islanders Point Blank)

Seven reasons to believe that the Boston Bruins are for real. (Boston Globe)

Brian Burke would like to speak with former colleague Dave Nonis. (TSN)

Monkey's playing air hockey. It's like some sort of dream. (On Frozen Blog)

Cal Clutterbuck doesn't need to worry about airport parking anymore. (

Looking back at Rod Langway's almost MVP season. (Greatest Hockey Legends)

Ballhype: hype it up!

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