December 29, 2008

Monday Afternoon Required Reading

A winter classic in Pittsburgh? The Pens would definitely be interested in getting in that line. (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

Workers are painting ivy on the outfield walls at Wrigley. Sweetness. (Globe & Mail)

Shea Weber takes it upon himself to vault up the Norris Trophy standings. (Fanhouse)

The ECHL lost another team this week and fellow league executives are not happy. (From the Rink)

An early look at the Islanders 2009 NHL Draft choices. (Islanders Point Blank)

Some Penguins are vaulting up the All-Star voting list. (Brian Metzer)

The Isles new arena possibly happening in 2010? (B.D. Gallof)

A Christmas Carol starring Glen Sather. (Scott Gallof)

Thoughts after the first US and Canada games of the World Junior Championships. (NY Times Slap Shots)

More thoughts. (The World of Junior Hockey)

Five venues to consider for future Winter Classic sites. I'd still like to see a Canadian venue host one in the future. (Craig Custance)

Is this the hockey fight of the year? (Eric McErlain)

The 2008 Fantasy Hockey Awards. (RotoRob)

Sorry Rick Morrissey. The NHL owes you an apology for trying to promote it's biggest event this side of the Stanley Cup Finals. And the Blackhawks too, for not trying to pretend like hockey hasn't existed the last 15 years in Chicago thanks to previous ownership. (Chicago Tribune)

The weather should be just fine for the Winter Classic on Thursday. (NHL)

Honda, a new partner of the NHL, will be airing a hockey-themed commercial during the Winter Classic. (Puck Money)

What a Flyers-themed carnival booth would look like. (The Empty Netter)

An NHL Christmas Carol like no other. (Melt Your Face Off)

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