December 9, 2008

NCAA round up

Out of Pocket

Due to the fact that I am in Georgia for Training and the limited schedule for this weekend I won’t review any of the upcoming matchups. In my opinion there really isn’t any that are very intriguing.

Air Force comes back to earth

I didn't think Air Force would go through the rest of their conference games without losing in their conference schedule, I don’t care what the hockey pundits say. This is why the RPI, PWR and KRACH don't mean much till after the first of the year and probably later into February and March. The Numbers change all of the time and mean little until you have played about 2/3 of your schedule. Even then, the numbers can change drastically each week with a bad loss or a quality win. Air Force losing to RIT this past weekend would be considered a bad loss. Again nothing is won till ALL the games have been played out and the Brackets have been set. There is no award for winning the most games at the half way point of the season.

Goon’s Weekly top ten

1.)Notre Dame
8.) C.C.
10.) Michigan

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