December 15, 2008

REPORT: Sundin to Choose New York Rangers

Toronto's FAN590's Bob McCown is reporting that Mats Sundin has apparently made up his mind between the New York Rangers and Vancouver Canucks and will be choosing to play on Broadway.

The decision is expected to be made later this week.

New York general manager Glen Sather is expected to be busy before the December 19th roster freeze to make space to fit Sundin's salary under the cap. The Rangers are currently at $55.257 million.

UPDATE: Listen to McCown here.

"I have absolutely no reason to doubt the source."

UPDATE #2: Sundin's agent has said the Rangers have presented a framework of a contract pending they are able to free salary to sign the Swede.

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1 comment:

Ken said...

Bobcat is the biggest blowhard in the biz. He makes Don Cherry look subtle. If he's right about this, he will never let the hockey world forget it.