December 26, 2008

Sweden's Backup Goalie is Looking for Someone to Lick His Banana

Meet Mark Owuya. Team Sweden's backup goaltender for the 2009 World Junior Championships and MC extraordinaire.

Also known as "Mark in da Park", Owuya is a full-fledged music artist while playing for Swedish Elite League team Djurgardens IF. If you check out his website,, you'll be able to download a few of his original songs, like the catchy, "Fucking Loser".

Back in 2006, Owuya tried to take his music career up a notch when he went on Swedish Idol, where, after clearing up some phlegm, he attempted to cover Usher's "U Remind Me" to not so good results as well as busting out some interesting freestyle.

From what I can tell through body language, the dude in the green coat is Simon Cowell, the chick is obviously Paula Abdul, the bald guy on the end is Randy Jackson and the man with the beard? He might just be asleep. It also seems that either blue language isn't a big thing in Sweden or their version of Idol is on an HBO-type channel. Kind of makes me wish FOX would have an uncensored version of American Idol just to see all the things said by contestants to Cowell after they're rejected.

Owuya is eligible for the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, but according to Central Scouting's preliminary rankings released in November, he's not even rated as one of the top five goalies from Sweden.

He'll always have Mark in da Park.

For the full 2009 World Junior Championship schedule, check out here. The tournament is being held in Ottawa and kicks off today.

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wrap around curl said...

I am pretty much thrilled my goalie doesn't have rapping tendencies. That I know of...