December 1, 2008

Winter Classic 2009 Commercial

This commercial debuted last night during NBC's Sunday Night Football broadcast as as Wyshynski put it this morning, the NHL got it right.

We've gone from weird, samurai sword-wielding, semi-sexual commercials out of the lockout to, in my opinion, two of the best spots the league has produced. The other being the outstanding and spine-tingling "Cup Raise".

Whether or not the NHL has new people in their marketing department or they finally realized how to sell the game, I'm looking forward to other spots we'll see in the future.

Ballhype: hype it up!

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Eric K said...

Hey Sean,

Don't know if you caught wind of it or not, but I'm airing my new Penguins' radio show, "The Boys of Winter: Pittsburgh Penguins Weekly" on Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 PM.

Head over to my blog (Experiencing the Evolution) for the link. It's going to be broadcast on YouCastr, but if you can't listen live, you can listen to the archived episode anytime (link also found on my blog).

Hope you can tune in!
Thanks, and Let's Go Pens