January 6, 2009

Fantasy Frenzy: Taking Stock

I am going to take some time here to talk to those of you playing in roto leagues. As we turn the page to 2009 now is the perfect time to take a look at how your team is performing and make a plan moving forward.

The great thing about roto-style is that it is real easy to look at the numbers, figure out where you can improve, and then act accordingly. You may need to make a roster change that on the surface looks like a bad move, but in reality helps your team in a category where you are hurting. You may also want to look at the other teams in your league and try to find a good trade partner. Look for teams that are strong where you are weak and vice versa. If you have a wealth of goal scorers and need help in net look around. The odds are there is an owner in your league that has a surplus of goalies and needs some help in the scoring department. There is no reason why you can't make a deal work for both of you in a situation like that.

Finally... do NOT give up hope yet. You would be surprised how much ground can be made up in a short time in a roto league. Just a couple seasons ago I won a 10-team league where I was in second to last with roughly 8 weeks to play. I formed a plan, executed, and moved into first place the day before the regular season ended and won the league by 5 or 6 points. It can be done. Just analyze your roster and get to work. It really is that simple, it just may not be that easy.

Pick-Up of the Week:
  • Andy McDonald (C-STL) - This is one of those cross your fingers kind of moments. McDonald has been skating again and should be back in the Blues lineup shortly. If he was dropped in your league you should pick him up immediately as McDonald was playing great before getting hurt and should provide a boost to any roster.
Fantasy 3 Stars of the Week:
  1. Brian Rafalski - Rafalski has been on fire for the Wings for about the last month, and that culminated in a 6-point week for the Detroit defender. Rafalski was also a +4 and chipped in a game-winner.
  2. Brent Burns - Burns matched Rafalski's goal and 5 assists on the week. He also had 4 points on the power play and a game-winner, just like Rafalski. The only real separation was that while Rafalski was a +4 for the week Burns was simply even. Splitting hairs I know, but that is what it takes sometimes.
  3. Rick Nash - I was tempted to go with Marc Savard here, but Nash's game-winner and +6 put him over the top. He also led all scorers this week with 7 points (1g-6a) and is helping to keep the Blue Jackets in the playoff hunt in the West.
Chris Yarbrough is the GFH Fantasy Guru for the 2008-09 season. You can read more from Chris on his own blog, Taking One for the Team.

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