January 12, 2009

Monday Afternoon Required Reading

Fluto Shinzawa predicts Team USA 2010. (Bruins Blog)

Be sure to check out the new and improved PensBlog. (ThePensBlog)

Improving the Avalanche. Like right now. (Jibblescribbits)

Is hockey fixed? (Greatest Hockey Legends)

A look at the Sharks as we hit the midway point of the season. I think you could just put "awesome" and be done with the whole thing. (Fear the Fin)

Pavol Demitra like you've never heard him before. (Waiting for Stanley)

In Russia, they don't even let you finish games if you're getting fired as coach. (TSN) UPDATE: Turns out Fleming was just told not to finish the game. He hasn't been fired...yet.

Something you probably didn't think you'd be reading today: a comparison of Owen Nolan and the Greek god Zeus. (18,568 Reasons Why)

Remember when Sammy Pahlsson was known as a defensive stopper? Looks like he's improved his power-play game as well. (Battle of California)

Oh, the puns those headline writers come up with. (Melt Your Face Off)

Frank D. would like fellow Pens fans to tell him how they feel about their team in a group therapy session. (PensBurgh)

A list that would be wonders if shown to fans in Pittsburgh. (Pension Plan Puppets)

I'm known for my fondness of Ice Girls, but when they challenge Zdeno Chara in size, well, that's when I back away. (Barry Melrose Rocks)

Help the Carolina Hurricanes design sandwiches. Seriously. (Carolina on Ice)

Who's says tough guys aren't articulate? George Laraques on fighting and the code. (Sportsnet)

Do check out my spot with Scotty Wazz and the rest of the FOHS crew. (Faceoff Hockey Show)

It sure does smell in Pittsburgh, PU. (LCS Hockey)

Eric Duhatschek enters into the Crosby/Ovechkin debate. (Globe & Mail)

Mike Komisarek became the player and person he is today thanks to his parents. (Newsday)

Mats Sundin still being held to words he uttered last season. And it's true. (He Score He Shoot)

Those Vincent Lecavalier trade rumors? Just some hogwash according to his agent who's been assured by Tampa ownership that Vinny will be a Lightning for life. (Damien Cristodero)

"Two Degrees of Mike Sillinger": the home game! (St. Louis Game Time)

So the anti-All-Star Game stuff has come to this? (Boycott the NHL All-Star Game)

Goaltending controversies and Florida Panthers coach Peter DeBoer go together like caramel and apples. (The Record)

When you're referring to your team as the "suckity sucks", things can't be going well. (Scarlett Ice)

Why Gary Bettman should conspire to keep any future first overall picks out of the hands of the Tampa Bay Lightning. (Scotty Wazz)

*Sigh* Versus, don't you realize you could be doing so much more? (Puck the Media)

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eyebleaf said...

Mats is no hypocrite.

Greener said...

Thanks, Sean.

Nav, for God's sake, yes he is!