January 14, 2009


What a nice feeling.

To see the Penguins play a complete game, very little turnovers, and settle down defensively to beat a good Flyers team. After losing 7 of their last 8 and about 73 of their last 75 games it seemed, Pittsburgh played with some fire and hunger tonight.

It was refreshing.

Matt Cooke being elevated/tried-out on the top line alongside Sid definitely worked and knowing Michel Therrien, he'll stick with that combination until it doesn't work any longer and then change things up again.

Wednesday night's game against Washington is a big test. Not just because it's a rivalry game and all the Semin-Crosby/Ovechkin-Malkin hoopla surrounding it, but because it's important for the Penguins to keep up their intensity for a second night in a row.

A bad loss against the Capitals and things are back to square one. A hard-fought victory and suddenly the word "hope" creeps back into the Pittsburgh vocabulary.

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