May 25, 2011

20 years ago today ...

"The Stanley Cup has come to the city of Pittsburgh!"

"Go for it Mario, go for it."

May 10, 2011

False hope blinds reality: the 2010-11 Penguins season

(written while I was on a plane home from Jamaica two weeks ago)

Deep down we knew. Way in the back of our collective minds, we knew.

When Sidney Crosby exited the Penguins lineup after his second bruising hit in a week’s time in January, there still was hope.

When Evgeni Malkin tore both his ACL and MCL a few weeks later, with Crosby still having not returned, there was false hope. Hope that Crosby would return and despite Malkin’s absence, Pittsburgh would still be a force in the Eastern Conference.

As time waned on and Crosby’s return was a mix of murky rumors and the flat-out unknown, the fan inside hoped, even as the team on the ice was making a surprise run at the Atlantic Division title.

But we knew.